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Uncontested Divorce or Family Law Cases


In the event parties have commenced their divorce proceeding or filed for termination of their domestic partnership, parties may still enter into a marital agreement to avoid a long and expensive litigation, avoiding extensive attorney’s fees, and avoid leaving the final decision to a Judge.   This will require both parties to mutually and willingly reach terms of an agreement having sufficient information about the extent and value of each parties’ properties or assets. The marital settlement agreement entered by the parties following the filing of a dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership may contain provisions regarding custody, visitation, and child support, and all other related issues.  In that case, you are able to save time and attorney’s fees without any need to appear before court or encountering any type of litigation by having your attorney draw up the mandatory and necessary documents.

Our clients have also settled their non-marital cases through a settlement when they simply have reached an agreement independently or through a negotiation of counsels without court’s involvement.

Our office will be able to assist you in preparation and filing of all the necessary legal documents on any uncontested case relating to your marital,  non-marital settlement, final Judgment of Dissolution, Judgment of Paternity, or Separation. We are also able to prepare post-judgment Stipulations and Orders if parties mutually agree to modify previous court orders after the entry of Judgment.

We are able to offer you flat fees for uncontested family law cases including but not limited to divorce, paternity actions, and domestic partnership matters.

Please contact our office so we are able to assist you with negotiation and preparation of settlements for your dissolution of marriage, paternity, or any other family law case

It is our first and foremost important practice to save our clients from the lengthy litigation process in addition to the cost of the litigation by trying to resolve the case through a settlement, if appropriate and agreeable by our client.   In all cases, parties should enter a settlement having full knowledge of the extent of the properties and income of the opposing party. We always require the family law mandatory declaration of property disclosures from parties involved to avoid fraud.

We are able to provide you with an evaluation regarding your case and whether it qualifies for a flat fee arrangement.

Areas flat fee may be used depending on the evaluation of your case:


Summary Dissolution


Pre or postnuptial Agreements


Any type of Marital Agreements or Non-Marital Cohabitation Agreement


Stipulated Judgment on Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership


Stipulated Judgment of Paternity


Collection or Enforcement of Post-Judgment Orders


Stipulation and Orders for Modification of Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Arrears, and Attorney’s fees.

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