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Paternity Actions & Paternity Defense

We are able to assist you with establishing parental rights, genetic testing, or paternity defense for any father who has been falsely accused and being ordered to pay child support.

Under a paternity action, we are able to establish legal and physical custody rights, obtain child support orders, and do a name change for the minor(s) involved.

If you are a parent and do not have custody orders you will not be able to apply and receive a  for a passport for your minor child unless both parents jointly apply and appear at the passport agency.

If you also need someone to represent you when you are served with a Petition to Establish Parental Rights, we will assist you with the litigation and any defense work necessary in relation to paternity, child support, and custody, and all related issues.


Nina N. Gohari has personally represented many fathers in both civil and criminal level for failure to pay child support.  There have been also instances where mothers have failed to pay child support.

There are some cases that the parent has not been properly served with a Petition or a paternity action and the other parent or the County has obtained a default Judgment in violation of the Due Process. Those Judgment lacking proper service, not providing the Defendant or Respondent with the actual notice may and should be set aside.  In some other instances, the parent may have ignored the service or receipt of paternity documents and failed to file a Response to allegations pled in the Paternity Action.

If you were not served or failed to file a timely response and found out that there is a default Judgment of Paternity exist against you, you should act quickly as you could face severe legal consequences. The Law Office of Nina N. Gohari has had many cases that the defendant father was not the biological father of the named minor child, or parental earnings were not reported accurately for child support calculation, or simply the parent was already providing support for the child, or the child actually lived with the parent and there should have been no child support obligation at all.  You have to act fast and are not able to wait too long to set the default judgment aside if you were properly served. Please contact our office to be able to assist you with your case.

Here To Help With All Paternity Actions