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 Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage



the State of California is a no-fault State. This means that filing for divorce does not require for you to prove anyone is at fault.  You may plead that irreconcilable differences has arisen between the parties as the basis of your dissolution of marriage.

The requirement for filing for divorce in California is a minimum of six (6) months residency of one spouse in the State of California prior to filing for divorce.  The court will not enter your dissolution of marriage decree sooner than six (6) months from the date of filing of the divorce. Thus, if you plan to remarry subsequent to your divorce, you should plan accordingly in addition to having in mind that the court’s busy schedule sometimes does not allow the judgment of dissolution of marriage or a decree to be processed on time. Thus, your attorney will be able to file a motion to terminate the status of your marriage by a proceeding called, a motion to bifurcate,  postponing all remaining dissolution issues to be resolved by way of mediation, the stipulation of the parties, or a trial at a later time.

Thinking of Dissolving Your Marriage?