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We provide representation for divorce and family law matters based on your needs

Prenuptial & Postnuptial

There are many types of marital agreements. The agreements entered by the prospective spouses  or partners before their anticipated date of marriage or registration of domestic partnership is called a prenuptial agreement.

Dissolution of Marriage

The state of California is a no-fault State. This means that filing for divorce does not require for you to prove anyone is at fault.  You may plead that irreconcilable differences has arisen between the parties as basis of your dissolution of marriage.

Legal Separation 

A legal separation does not end your marriage or your domestic partnership. You cannot marry or enter into a partnership with someone else if you are legally separated (and not divorced). If you ask for a legal separation, you are still able to change or amend your Petition to a dissolution of marriage later on if one or both of you meet the residency requirement.

Domestic Partnerships

A domestic partnership as determined by the state of California is a legal relationship between both same-sex, and opposite sex couples, where at least one party is 62 years of age or older.


In California,  courts do not recognize your “marriage” as a valid marriage if you have not obtained a marriage license. A religious ceremony will neither suffice as a marriage licence  nor could replace a marriage license.  In this case it is not suggest that you to proceed  and file for annulment. 

Child Support

There are a variety of different factors influencing the child support obligation of one parent or the child support order one parent may obtain, however the most common and important factors in determination of child support orders are the number of children, custodial time each parent has with each child, and income of the each parent from any sources.

Spousal Support or Partner Support

Courts use the California Support Guidelines calculator or Dissomaster program for calculation of  temporary support orders in each case. However, it is my experience that at times use facts of each case and their discretion considering all existing factors in adjusting the amount of the temporary spousal or partner support.

Paternity Actions & Paternity Defense

We are able to assist you with establishing a parental rights, genetic testing, or paternity defense for any father who has been falsely accused and being ordered to pay child support. Under a paternity action, we are able to establish legal and physical custody rights, obtain child support orders, and do a name change for the minor(s) involved.

Child Custody

Parents should come into an agreement on their parenting plan that is practical and convenient for both parents and their children.  Courts consider the history of the family in addition to the age of the children and their needs when making orders regarding the custodial time and the schedule. Courts always strive for making orders that will provide for adequate, continuous contact, and involvement of both parents in children lives making decisions as to best interest or welfare of their children.  

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence restraining order is a Court order issued to prevent the recurrence of acts of abuse by a batterer. A victim of abuse that does not have the necessary relationship to the batterer may file a civil harassment (behavior that annoys, threatens, alarms, intimidates, or puts one fearful for his/her safety) restraining order.

Post-Judgement Motions and Modifications

We are able to assist you with any an all post-Judgment motions for child support, spousal support, partner support, custody or visitation, modifications, collection, or enforcement of any terms of the Judgment whether is it judgment obtained through a court trial or a stipulated judgment entered by the parties without a trial or a court hearing.

Adult Adoptions

We are able to assist you to adopt any person who is an adult as your child.

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