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We are committed to helping clients navigate through family law cases

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We have the best interest of our clients in mind and are immensely cautious of what cases need to be litigated and when a case has a good chance of settlement without compromising our client’s rights and entitlements.  Our mission is to achieve the best results without sacrificing our clients’ rights avoiding the high cost of litigation as much as possible.


Our Philosophy



We believe in providing our clients with honest and professional guidance at the initiation of the case avoiding false promises unlike other family law firms.



We’re committed to helping you through your family law battle and fight for your rights.


Compassionate But Aggressive

Each client’s case has a unique set of needs and we won’t stop until justice is served. We work diligently to ensure you receive what you deserve.

Our Team

Nina N. Gohari

Nina N. Gohari

Attorney At Law

Attorney Nina N. Gohari

I have been in practice of family law since 1995 representing clients both in family law litigation for highly disputed family law matters,  cases involving settlement negotiations, and undisputed family law cases including but not limited to, divorces, separation, annulments, paternity actions, and paternity defense litigation.
I have assisted many clients in preparation and negotiations of prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, or any type of marital agreements. We are able to assist you with matters involving child custody, visitation, child and spousal support, and collection.  Our office provides representation and defense work against Department of Child Support Services for enforcement or collection of child support, child support arrears, and failure to provide.
Our office has represented many fathers in connection with paternity actions against Department of Child Support Services in relation to establishing a parental relationship, suspension of their driver’s license(s) or professional license, passport(s), bank levies, and tax interceptions dealing with issues of child support arrears.

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